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Could a Virus Be Your Hashimoto’s Root Cause?

When I have a client, or hear from a reader, who has been faithfully focused on interventions such as dietary changes and removing food sensitivities, but is still experiencing symptoms, I know we need to dig deeper into other root causes for their condition. There often isn’t a single trigger …

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Top 10 Thyroid Tests and How to Interpret Them

Many cases of thyroid problems are missed because most doctors don’t perform a comprehensive test panel. I spent almost a decade undiagnosed because I only had one marker tested and my thyroid diagnosis was missed completely, leading me to deal with needless symptoms like chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and many …

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BREAKING NEWS: US Gov’t Admits Cannabis Cures Cancer

The moment medical marijuana has been waiting for since California first passed laws legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis, in 1996, is finally here — the US government has, at last, admitted that marijuana has medical benefit. Yes, you heard right — the US government recently updated content pages on the National …

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Thyroid Antibodies Part 1: An Early Warning for Thyroid Disease

We know that Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions develop due to three things. Genetic predisposition is one of those. The other two, intestinal permeability and autoimmune triggers, must also be present, and they are – thankfully – things we can actually address and improve upon through lifestyle interventions. What’s common …

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Micronutrients, Bone Density, and Hashimoto’s

Osteoporosis is more common in women with Hashimoto’s and thyroid conditions, who take thyroid medications, as thyroid hormones speed up bone turnover. In pharmacy school, I learned that osteoporosis was a progressive condition that could be slowed down, but never really reversed. I held this belief until I met Mira …

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Which Supplements Actually Help Hashimoto’s?

Over the years, I have researched, evaluated, purchased and tried a variety of medications, supplements and lifestyle changes to determine which would be most helpful in overcoming Hashimoto’s. Evaluating the safety, efficacy and cost of various treatments was a large part of my training as a pharmacist, and I have …

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