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Why Narcissistic people love to ruin birthdays and holidays

People with Cluster B personality disorders enjoy making other people feel worthless — especially on birthdays or holidays. Mean people love nothing more than stealing joy from an otherwise happy or sensitive-natured person. Don’t let the opinion of a manipulator or gaslighting con-artist’s angry, ugly, words ruin your mood. Their fundamentally toxic …

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“I Love You” From The Perspective Of A Narcissist

To this disenchanted generation, ‘I Love You’ are worn out words. They’re said too much but not enough. They mean different things in different contexts, but they always carry a special significance. Sometimes, the words are said by people who don’t fully grasp their meaning, by those who are completely …

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High rate of restless legs syndrome in fibromyalgia

A study in the October 15 issue of the    Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine  found that  adults with   fibromyalgia had a prevalence and   risk much higher than restless leg syndrome   the  controls   healthy. The study suggests that the treatment of RLS can improve sleep and quality of life in people with fibromyalgia. The results show that the prevalence of …

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The 3 Character Roles of Narcissistic Triangulation

Narcissists are known for a variety of characteristics that contribute to their overall persona. They are often alluring, charming, yet self-entitled and self-important, possessing a grandiose idea of themselves and what they are deserving of. Narcissists often resort to tactics of extreme manipulation to achieve their desired goals. For a …

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