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‘Dr Pot’ vows to continue treating sick children with cannabis oil hours after he is acquitted of drug supply charges on the grounds of ‘medical necessity’ – even if it lands him back in court

A deregistered doctor acquitted of drugs charges for providing sick children with cannabis oil vows to continue his work even if he is arrested again. Andrew Katelaris successfully argued a medical necessity defence in a four-week trial in the NSW District Court with a jury finding him not guilty. The …

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Jeff Sessions: Chronic pain sufferers should ‘take an aspirin and tough it out’

Jeff Sessions doesn’t give a shit about the opioid epidemic. During an address at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Tampa, Florida this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that people who suffer from chronic pain should simply “take an aspirin and tough it out.” Sessions, whose opposition to medical marijuana is well known, attempted …

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