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The Narcissistic Family – Perfectly Rotten To The Core

Coming from an emotionally healthy family might be one of your most valuable assets. It will have profoundly positive implications for the rest of your life, and more than likely that of your children’s and children’s children as well. However, in contrast coming from a highly dysfunctional family maybe one …

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9 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do

By Peg Streep Looking back, it’s my hopefulness that irritates me most. I kept thinking that he’d see the light, get what was wrecking our relationship, understand that I couldn’t live with his constant manipulation. He’d placate me with promises but I don’t believe he ever intended to behave any differently. …

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The Disturbing Combination of Narcissism And Food

Have you noticed that so many narcissists exhibit disturbing behaviors around food? I mean, many of them hoard it, and diligently keep track of every item in the refrigerator, and pantry. Many don’t like to share it, not even with their own children. They often will make you feel bad …

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Adult siblings who turn a blind eye to the scapegoat’s abuse

For obvious reasons, scapegoated adult children unfortunately make up a large percentage of the narcissistic abusecommunity. The abuse of the scapegoat is not committed solely by one perpetrator, but by many. More often than not, each member of the scapegoated child’s immediate family behaves abusively towards them in one way, or another; both, …

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No Contact! The scapegoat walks away

Walking away from an entire family is one of the most painful things the family scapegoat adult child in a narcissistic family will ever do. Abuse from the narcissistic family towards the scapegoat is often so severe, and so mentally damaging, that the only solution left after exhausting all other avenues, is …

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