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Inside The Heart Of A Woman Broken By A Narcissist

He came into her life like the most welcome guest. He was everything she ever wished for…or at least he seemed to be. He walked through her life spreading his charm everywhere. That unexplainable charm… nobody could help themselves but fall for it. And he left damaging footprints. He stepped on her …

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He Never Hit Me

How many times did I find myself on his bathroom floor cowering beneath him, feeling the hot spit land on me as he screamed? Stop crying like a baby. You’re crazy. No one else would put up with you. How many times did I shudder on that floor counting my breaths, bringing …

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The narcissistic family: rotten to the core

To belong to an emotionally healthy family is a valuable asset that will have profoundly positive implications on your life, and on your children’s and their children’s lives as well. In contrast, coming from a highly dysfunctional family could be one of the biggest challenges you, and possibly your descendants, …

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